Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Ambigram Generator

I discovered this really cool site that lets you create your own Ambigram like you see on tatoos and movie logo's such as Angels and Demons.

Try it, its fun!


rac said...

Very cool. I did one for Deans Circle. Too bad you can't copy it.

On a related note, has anyone seen Angels and Demons? I read the book and thought it was much better than Da Vinci Code.

juliet said...

No I gave up on going to the movies here since my kids left, although the theaters are first class, ushers and reserved seating. One has recline chairs and they will serve dinner and drinks. In the summer when the local schools are out they only show local films. I still want to see "Star Wars." I usually wait until movies are on DVD but it is just not the same.